Add depth to your music with expressive,
professional quality strings for an affordable price

"Joe at MOS is an incredible cellist. His tone is gorgeous and he can play anything, always bringing immaculate musicality to his parts." - Jeremy Warmsley, Song writer and Composer

"MOS' recordings of real instruments rather than the virtual ones we had in place elevated our trailer soundtrack from amateur to professional." - Dan Moss, Film Director

Schubert, Arpeggione Sonata (excerpt, 3 multi-tracked cellos)
Beethoven, Op 59/1, Adagio molto e mesto (extract, multi-tracked)
Shostakovich, Piano Trio No 1
Music for a short film composed by Johnny Flynn and Joe Zeitlin, performed by Joe Zeitlin.
Schubert, Death and the Maiden, opening chorale (multi-tracked cello)
Schubert, op 99 intro, 4 cellos
Ted Baker, AW13 Phormal & Langley collection
Handel, Imprison scene
Mendelssohn, Trio No 1 Op 49 in D minor, 1 Molto Allegro Agitato Isolde Piano Trio
Patrick Wolf, Demolition
Leafcutter John, let it begin

Expressive, real string lines can illuminate any musical project. But organising a session with musicians and a studio is probably outside of most peoples’ budget, so you would most likely have to settle for that cheap, midi string-sample sound from the computer.

At Mail Order Session we provide an accomplished solution. For a fee which won’t break the bank, we record your string parts and send them back to you via email. You don't have to be able to write music in conventional notation- just tell us the notes or send us a midi file of your part- anything so that we understand what you want. We can also offer multi-tracked string sections which, as you can hear in our Listen section, can be a very convincing alternative to the £thousands needed to rent a studio with a string orchestra.

This will be done so quickly and conveniently, that you will change the way you think about having strings on your music. Here's how it works:

  1. You send me your music This can be the midi file or notated part, or even a recording of you singing it — anything to show what you want.
  2. I'll reply with a quote.
  3. Your parts will be sent back to you as professional stems

You are free to use this material in any way you want. Simple.

Joe Zeitlin DipRAM

Since graduating from the Royal Academy of Music with a Masters (Distinction, DipRAM), I have had a varied career as a professional cellist and composer. With the Wu string Quartet (subsequently Eden Quartet) from 2011-2016, I have performed in many major concert halls all over the world including a sold out performance at London’s prestigious Wigmore Hall.

During this time I have also gained considerable recording experience in the session industry, performing and making recordings for Johnny Greenwood, Grace Jones, Aphex Twin, Johnny Flynn, Pete Doherty, Philharmonia Orchestra among many others, before leading the cello section in the Oscar® nominated score for the recent film ‘Jackie’, composed by Mica Levi.

In addition to this, composition has always been a very important part of my life, and since 2008 I have produced and performed bespoke music for clients such as Ted Baker, MTV Japan, Toast, Jeffery Campbell, Fred Perry and L’Oreal.

The combination of all these things gives me the perfect perspective to be able to understand what you want, and deliver it quickly- providing another dimension to your music.